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How To Appear For Your First Interview

How To Appear For Your First Interview

After completing The Education, one of the hardest things for a student in the world is to face an Interview as a fresher for a Job. As we have to represent ourselves a good fit for a job role we have applied for a particular company.

In this article I am going to share you some of the best tips and strategy on How to attend your first interview as being fresher. As sometimes one don’t have enough confidence on himself/herself and due to lack of information on how to attend interview and act in an interview. He/She does not get selected for a choice of company you want.

So, Let’s read and gain knowledge on How To Appear For Your First Interview in this article.

Communication Skills

This is one of the most affecting factor or reason we can say in an interview, because of which, One is not selected in a particular role due to lack of his/her communication skills.

While attending your first you should be mainly focusing your communication skills. Because in an interview how you communicate with the Interviewer matters the most for getting selected in a company and it increases your chances among other peoples to get selected. Always remember while attending an interview you must speak clear and loud infront of the interviewer. I understand you will be very nervous as it’s your first time. But following this tips will be very very helpful for you in an interview.

You can also try this, Take some time gap of 3 to 7 seconds while answering every question asked in an interview. It will help you remind the answer and your nervousness will also be gone and you will feel confident in an Interview.

Be Well Researched

Researching for the job role and the company you want to apply is also one of the most important tips to increase chance of getting selected in a company. Like Whats the company do, When was the company formed, it’s history, It’s recent working activities, It’s net profit, It’s last year profit and much more.

Let’s say you are planning to join a certain company name XYZ. As being a fresher your top most duty is to research about the company and a particular job role you want to get hired. This will be very helpful for you to begin preparation for a certain interview. As starting to research about the company what you can do is. Start researching about the company like, when was the company formed, how’s is the work culture, how’s the working environment in the company office, whether the work is so stressful or not.

Ask the existing employee about the company’s nature toward the employee, Whether it’s good fit for the fresher like you or not, etc… After that, if you think the company suit’s you the best, Definitely apply for the role you were looking for. And this research will help you get selected in the desired company.

Your Looks Matters

As many of you must have heard of “First Impression is the Last Impression” this phrase is real in case of attending any kind of interview as a fresher. As a fresher, your one of the top most job should be to focus on the attire you are going to wear while attending the interview rather than preparing for silly HR common questions.

You must be in a clean and well-ironed formal shirt and trouser must have hair and beard groomed and shaped properly, with proper cut nails and formal polished shoes, for attending an interview.

Your looks should be very well dressed accordingly the season and weather around the surrounding. Because, If you look uncomfortable in the dress code, then the interviewer will develop some doubts about you and It majorly impact your Interview.

Positive Body Language

Let us discuss now on how positive body language can help you land a good job you want in a particular company. As you go inside a office when it’s your turn, an HR notices everything about you like how many time you knocked the door, how you opened the door, walked In, what was your walking style, your seating style, and many more things are noticed by the HR.

So, I will suggest you to first be very confident not OVERCONFIDENT. As your turn arrives to attend interview, first of all, knock the door twice with the finger. Confidently open the door, and walks straight toward the HR. Don’t sit unless asked to sit. Also you should avoid un-necessary moments of your Legs, hands, mouth, etc. which gives bad impression in front of the interviewer.

Answer each question with a positive way, If you don’t know the answer of particular question, say Sorry Sir, I don’t know the answer in a confident way. Because here also HR is not checking your knowledge but he/she is checking your ability to answer the question how quick you are. These were some of the list of positive body language everyone must keep while attending an interview. Either you are fresher or a Experience holder. And at last if question asked by a HR like “Anything you want to ask to us ?” always answer ‘YES’

And ask them “Is there anything about my application that concern you ?” this will leave a good impression on a HR of you and will help you increase your chance of getting selected in a company.

Follow Up Email to Company

Last but not the least this is also the very good tips to  increase your chance of being selected in a company. This tips is mainly for the fresher candidate who are going to attend their first interview in a life. After you have attended your interview, always send a “Thank You” or “Follow up Email” to a company for thanking them for giving you the opportunity to appear in the interview.

You must send this email to the HR team of the company within one working day so that the HR remembers you over other candidates.

I hope this article clears all your basis doubts on How to attend your first interview. Just visit our website for more information like this and surely you will get your query solved.    



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