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Best Fonts for Resume or CV

Searching for best fonts for resume is one of the most important factor for starting to build a resume. Because your font size and your fonts look on a resume matters the most to the Resume reader of the company.

Your resume or CV shows how you have perfectly represented yourself on a Resume in a good viewable format and make a good impression in front of the recruiter clearly.

So, In this article we are going to know about the best fonts for resume or CV you can use to make your resume perfect and give your resume a good look.

Best Fonts for Resume or CV

Below is the list of Best Fonts for Resume to make it easier for you make a good looking Resume.

1. Georgia

This font was developed by the MICROSOFT in the starting of 1990’s. This font is the good fonts to read on both web-addresses and paper over all types of platforms and any types of web browser.

This fonts is now also used by many of the reputed companies, paper magazines, websites, etc. This fonts is majorly used by the westerns students in their resume for getting the job as soon as possible. It is one of the most safe and simple fonts style which is been recognised by ATS. which can literally increase your chances of getting your resume selected.

2. Trebuchet MS

Trebuchet MS is also the one of the most impactful font to use in your resume building. It leaves a very good impression on the resume reader for you.
Trebuchet MS is also the good formal font in its aesthetics and design.

3. Garamond

This font looks good because of its confidence of style and its representative manner. This font is also accepted by ATS.
This font is also one of the oldest font created by the Microsoft which benefits job finder because of it’s design. This font is easy to read for the reader.
This type of modern font benefits the job seeker who are willing to apply for the job in content writing or designing field.

4. Verdana

As Verdana has a very modern and classy look, and because of its wider spacing makes this font more attractive and easily readable for the reader.

This font is also accepted by ATS and it’s a very good and perfect font for applying for the job.

5. Times New Roman

As Times New Roman is the very widely used font in the world now a days. Because of it’s good design and ease of reading without stressing the eye of human make it most used font world wide.
Times New Roman font is used by The White House Journal website. and also being used by many Government, Private Companies and also used by ATS itself to analyse and verify many legal documents and much more
SO, Times New Roman can also be used in the resume to give your resume a good look.

6. Calibri

Calibri is one of the widely used font in the world because of it’s easy to read and it is also considered as default font for Email.
Because of it’s professional and classic attire this font is also accepted by ATS.
This fonts is widely used in Government documents creation and it’s give a royal touch to your resume. This font is also recommended for you to use it in your resume.

7. Arial

As we all know Arial is the very old font and has been used since the oldest version of the MS Word. Now, Arial is the standard default font of Google Docs application and website.
It’s ATS friendly nature makes this font a perfect fit for any types of resume. This font can be used for creation of any types or category of resume. This fonts comes in the sans serif fonts category. and it makes the documents and legal papers impressible. This font is widely accepted everywhere in the world.

8. Cambria

This font is designed in a way that it should give best designed when printed in small sizes as compared to other font.
This is the perfect mixture of modern and old fonts style. Can be used for resume building, and legal application documents. and this font is ATS friendly as well.

9. Book Antiqua

Book Antiqua is one of the most popular and widely used font for shortlisting resumes by the Microsoft all over world.
It is a good fit for peoples who want their large content to get fitted in the short space. This font is best resume for small print readability and for his well spacing.
Book Antiqua is the most popular modern type of font.

10. Helvetica

Helvetica is also one of the type of sans serif type font. Helvetica is more preferably used for building of resumes, cover letter’s of the organization, CV’s and more types of different documents. It’s also a ATS accepted font in the world.

How to Choose a Best font for Resume

There are few checklist which can help one to choose a good font for their fonts.

  1. Select the best font accordingly from the above list which is clear.
  2. The standard sizes for the fonts used in resume is 12 pts for text and 14 pts for heading.
  3. Only use ATS accepted fonts.
  4. Never ever use fancy or cursive language fonts as it decreases the chance of your resume to be selected.
  5. For a lengthy resume, try to cover all points in brief, or use a font size of 10 pts for text.


For your resume or CV to get selected first of all you must use a font approved or accepted by ATS. Which will give your resume literally a good and formal look. At the end that matters the most is The Resume must be Simple and ATS-Friendly.
So, Next Time while creating a new CV or resume, kindly do the research on some of the best fonts for the resume to look after to make your resume good.



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